A Case for the “Best” Keywords

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I’ve been delving deeper into keyword research strategies lately.  I started to focus on something I hadn’t considered before, the structure of the keyword/phrase.

Structure of A Keyword

For example, let’s say the seed keyword is piggy bank. Depending on how you modify the keyword, the structure could be different.


red piggy bank = adjective + seed keyword

piggy bank with lock = seed keyword + appended phrase

best piggy bank = adjective (sentiment) + seed keyword

best red piggy bank with lock = sentiment + adjective + seed keyword + appended phrase

How to Find These Keywords

I would just like to casually promote Keyword Tool Dominator again.  If you are familiar with the tool, you can see how you can arrive at the final structure.

* piggy bank

* red piggy bank

best red piggy bank * / best red piggy bank with *

Obviously the full term – best red piggy bank with lock – has 0 monthly searches, but you can see how easy it is to discover long tail keywords with this tool.

You can try it for free here:


The Best Type of Keyword Structure to Target

I would like like to start a case study where I build a site or two using the Keyword Golden Ratio Method (KGR) from Doug Cunnington.  This is not in the foreseeable future, but something I’ve been keeping in the back of my mind just as something I’d like to do for fun.

I know there are a lot of “opinions” about this method, but I haven’t seen very many people talk about their results of implementing the method.  A few people I’ve seen say they use this method as an addition to whatever else they are doing, but not as the sole method for building their site.

In my opinion, it makes sense that it could work with the right niche.  I don’t believe you’ll be able to find many keywords in a competitive niche that fit this criteria, and even if you did I’m not so sure you’d be able to rank for them without building backlinks.

However, for the KGR criteria that he developed, he suggests that using keywords that start with the word “best” work best.  See the video below for more explanation.

Coincidentally, around the same time I was revisiting his site, I had an Amazon affiliate site up in the outdoors niche that I was taking down. ( I did not use KGR for this site.)

But before deleting it’s Google Search Console profile, I exported the Search Analytics report of the last 90 days.

Interestingly enough, I saw right away that the “best” type keywords, in general, ranked better and had higher click thru rates.

Search Console Stats

Click the image for full size.


Is “Best” Better?

Obviously these “findings” don’t do much to prove that targeting “best” type keywords is what will get you ranking and get people to click thru to your site.

But I did find it interesting, and it’s worth some thought.

In the future if I am able to analyze another site I will do so and see if this theory still holds true.

But if anyone else has any thoughts or sites of their own they’d be able to analyze, please leave a comment below.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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